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We take care of the Insurance arrangements, allowing you to focus on your business.
An International Brokerage level service with the attention and service that a local, individual tailored solution can provide.

Areas of expertise

If you need assistance with Corporate Insurance arrangements we will assist with extensive experience in:

REITs and various Commercial Operations
Construction and Development
PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)
Large Corporate Property Placements
Shopping Centres
Retirement and Nursing Home Operations

Trusted Advice

Navigating the complexities of your business, property and personal insurance takes the expertise of a qualified professional. Don’t risk leaving yourself underinsured.

A Steadfast broker is your insurance expert, partnering with you every step of the way to ensure you and your business are protected.

Our brokers know a lot about insurance. But they also specialise in working with businesses across a wider range of industries.

Finding you the right insurance products at the right price is what a Steadfast broker specialises in. So you can get on with doing what really matters.

As part of Australasia's largest general insurance broker network, our brokers have access to a large selection of competitively priced insurance products.

Risk Management is the core of our value proposition. Whether it be Physical or Contractual Risk, we believe the transfer of risk begins well before you will ever require Insurance. 

Steadfast Group

Insurgo Risk are part of Australia’s largest general insurance broker networks – Steadfast and Resilium Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd.

Steadfast Group (ASX:SDF) was established in 1996 and is the largest general insurance broker network and the largest underwriting agency group in Australasia, with growing operations in Asia and Europe. 

For more than 26 years Steadfast has substantially grown its network to 417 brokerages, built a portfolio of 29 underwriting agencies and acquired a 60% interest in the UnisonSteadfast network, a global insurance broker network with over 272 brokers in 140 countries. 

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Jason Norris

As a second generation Insurance professional, Insurance has always been part of Jason’s family’s DNA. Starting in the mail room and working through Claims, Underwriting and then as a Broker, he has worked across multiple classes of Insurance for a wide variety of Corporate and Commercial clients for nearly 30 years. 

Jason has worked in national and international firms across Australia. During this time he has worked on significant claims and been exposed to a vast variety of losses giving him the experience and expertise to assist you. Jason has developed a passion for Property, which has organically flowed through to his client portfolio giving him a niche in the market with Insurers. He understands Property from conception and planning through to construction and project delivery.

AR No. 1249121

Who we partner with

I have known Jason Norris in a professional capacity for over 15 years as a broker working with International and National Brokerage firms. 

Having been responsible for risk and insurance matters in a number of businesses during my career, and having dealt with multiple brokerage firms, I can say Jason and the team at Insurgo are the best I have come across. 

Matt Row


Jason’s commitment to ensuring that we received the best deal financially and the appropriate level of coverage was well above expectations. Jason was always contactable to answer any insurance queries and if he didn’t have the answer, he would soon find the answer.

Gordon Waddell


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